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sabac is certified according to the Oeko-tex Standard 100 for textiles tested for harmful substances.

 Sabac ISA


Often overlooked, but nobody can do without it. The under-thread is essential for machine embroidery work. Embroideries in general are a connection of two separate threads, needle and under-thread. Since the stability of such a connection is determined by the weaker component one should consider a suitable under-thread when after all a high-quality top thread is chosen. Of course one could use all kind of threads for this specific purpose, and even more there are many different philosophies about underthread that might suit best.
We recommend:

Bobbin thread for self-winding

„The economic thread“: ISA 180, 100 % PES advanced technology:
Mature fineness provides for a maximum underthread length. The changing of bobbins is reduced to a minimum. Length cap./bobbin approx. 110 m.
Art. Nr. 2450; available on 20,000 m kingspools in white and black.

„The nice price thread“: ISA 150, 100 % spun polyester:
Outstanding price / performance ratio plus best quality. The alternative for price-conscious people. Length cap./bobbin approx. 75 m.
Art. Nr. 2950; available on 10,000 m cones in white and black.

„The high-class thread“: Sabac 150, corespun thread PES/PES:
Perfect off-winding performance form the underthread bobbin guarantees the best locking performance. The low thread cross-section makes for a high length capacity and thus an economic embroidering process. Length cap./bobbin approx. 80 m.
Art. Nr. 7676; available on 1,000 m cones in 475 colors.
Art. Nr. 7677; available on 5,000 m cones in 475 colours.


Pre-wound bobbins

The practical one“: ISABOB 190. ISABOBs are prewound bobbins of size L for machine embroidery with superior running performance. By the high run length and the omission of the self-winding process ISABOB allows very economical work.

Product Make-up Thread
Number of colours Recomm. needle size
ISA 180
20.000 m cone 2
ISA 150
10.000 m cone 2
sabac 150
10 x 1.000 m cop 500
5.000 m cone 500
144 x 113 m bobbins 1
ISA 180
High –grade under-thread for machine embroidery.
ISA 150
Fine under-thread for machine embroidery.
sabac 150
For embroideries as bobbin thread tone-in-tone to fabric.
Prewound bobbins for embroidery.