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sabac is certified according to the Oeko-tex Standard 100 for textiles tested for harmful substances.


sabaTEX - the soft bulked thread

100% Polyester bulked thread

SabaTEX - The bulk polyester yarn for versatile use. Its softness, volume and bulkiness provide a most pleasant seam and excellent coverage.

Ideally suited for overedged seams and as looper and cover thread for cover seams. Effective for women's wear, men's fashion, underwear, work and sports wear.

A colour range corresponding to the saba product line guarantees that all seam colours match in a model. The colour numbers of the sabaTEX and the saba product line are identical. This provides for quick and convenient colour sampling.

Product Make-up Thread
Number of colours Recomm. needle size
sabaTEX 100
5.000 m cone 151
10.000 m kingspool 41
Nm 90 - 110
sabaTEX 120
10.000 m cone 505
30.000 m cone 151
3.000 m cone
Nm 80 - 90
sabaTEX 250
5.000 m cone 70
10.000 m cone 70
30.000 m cone 70
Nm 70 - 80
sabaTEX 100
The sewing thread for distinct covering effects for overedge and covering seams for jersey wear, knit wear, and bathing wear, and for looper thread for quilting and mattresses with chainstitch (two thread).
sabaTEX 120
The sewing thread for soft covering seams, for underwear and for overedging seams with a good edge covering and as looper thread for quilting with chainstitch (two thread).
sabaTEX 250
The fine overedged sewing thread used for light fabric with a soft seam characteristic.

WR = water repellent


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