Quick Reference

16x257 -
Good all around needle choice for most applications.

DBxK5 -
Designed for embroidery applications that require more precision stitching.

Gebedur -
Stays sharper for longer period of time.

Gebelube -
Teflon coated for high friction materials (i.e. plastic, etc.)

Needle Points and Uses

Use this guide to help determine which backing is best for your project. If you are still unsure about a needle selection, a Light Ball Point is good for nearly 90% of all embroidery. If you questions, please contact us for further assistance.

A. Standard Sharp Point (R),(RG) -Best suited for stable fabrics or tight weave materials such as canvas, denim, bath towels or designs on caps.

B. Light Ball Point (FFG) -The perfect all purpose needle, with character-istics of both sharp and ball points. Works well on all fabrics, but is best suited to jersey, terry knit sport shirts and similar fabrics.

C. Medium Ball Point -Designed for use with delicate loose knit sweater fabrics.

System 16x257 - Designed for industrial embroidery; a reinforced shaft and string polished needle eye provides the perfect needle for most applications.

System DBxK5 - Well suited to embroidery; has a reinforced shaft, a larger needle eye and an eye to point distance slightly less than 16x257.

System Gebelube - Excellent for use on high friction materials. Similar to Teflon coated.

System Gebedur -Titanium nitrate coating; remains sharper longer than standard needles.