AMANN Environmental Management

Maximum quality with maximum responsibility

AMANN is aware of its responsibility – its responsibility to ensure the company's success, and in doing so to also conserve and even improve our living conditions. For this, AMANN uses sustainably grown raw materials and invests into into research and development and the further optimisation of production processes.

Choosing the right raw materials alone positively influences the eco-balance. AMANN consequently uses the full scope for further optimisation and – following the ever-increasing demand for ecological products – has broadened its product range with its LIFECYCLE THREADS – threads made of 100% re-cycled polyester and Organic Cotton.

For many years, AMANN has made the highest demands on the ecological profile of its production. In the focus of its investments has always been the dyeing technology. Here, fresh water consumption has been reduced by 40% over the past years. At its biggest production site in Augsburg, AMANN has made a clear statement towards ecology: 27% of its power requirement is sourced from its own hydropower plant – this saves the corresponding quantity of fossil fuel.

AMANN was able to cut total consumption of primary energy by approx. 20% at its most important production sites over the past 6 years. This is one of the reasons why AMANN has been certified for its outstanding environmental management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.


To protect health and the environment the European Union enacted an ordenance called REACh on June 1st 2007 which regulates the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances. Therefore each used chemical is checked for and documented regarding its toxicologic and eco-toxicologic characteristics.
AMANN supports REACh and advances the protection of customers and the environment by this way.

We are aware of our responsibility in close cooperation with our suppliers and assure that all necessary safety measures are taken as well as critical chemicals are not used in the production process. Hence all AMANN threads including finishing consist of nonhazardous substances and won’t produce any risks for men and the environment by use.

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