Embroidery Threads -

Variety in color

The world of embroidered signs is huge beyond comprehension – logos and slogans, company emblems and embroidered labels. Nearly every branded textile product makes use of embroidered emblems. Although many of them are very small, they still require a vast spectrum of colours and qualities. AMANN mastered this language of colours and qualities long, long ago.


ISACORD - Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread -
The Universal One


YENMET - Metallic Machine Embroidery Thread -
The Smooth One


ISAFIL - Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread -
The Brilliant One


Serafil - 100% Polyester Continuous -
The Fine One


Specialties - Unique products for a unique finishing touch


techX - High performance threads for demanding applications

Under Thread

Under Thread - Essential for quality embroidery