Quick Reference

Tear Away -
Used for maximum production as it is removed by tearing from the garment.

Cut Away -
Used for maximum stability as well as garments with direct skin contact.

Specialty Items -
Variety of products used for specific applications and production circumstances.

Backing Definitions and Uses

Use this guide to help determine which backing is best for your project.

Tear-Away -

Tear easily in both directions and is perfect for use on stable fabrics such as, satin jackets, denim, bath towels and similar items.

Tear-Away Adhesive -

This stick on backing requires no heat and is perfect for small items and difficult to hoop fabrics. The adhesive will not damage needles.

Cut-Away -

Excellent for maximum stability, this soft cut-away backing is ideal for use on sweaters, sports style garments, or any job where backing material will come in contact with skin.

Poly-Mesh -

Designed for the extra stability needed on jersey, interlock and pique knit shirts. This backing material is also used for very intricate embroidery designs.

Aqua-Top -

This water soluble biodegradable topping keeps stitches from sinking into terry knits and similar fabrics.

Press'n Hoop -

Similar to Tear-Away Adhesive, but uses heat from an iron for application.

SureStitch -

Perfect for all types of embroidery.