We've Got It All.

Amann USA has a complete line of accessories designed to aid in the creation of productive, high quality embroidery. Tempo spray adhesive features a unique non-toxic formula that emits particles without a harmful mist or odor. An ergonomically safe, seamless can and a complete expulsion of the product makes this the superior spray adhesive. LB5 is an intelligent spray lubricant designed for today's high speed industrial embroidery machines. Features include a metered nozzle for precise measured applications and an adhering quality allowing lubricant to stay where it is sprayed, leaving no stains on garments and keeping your machine run-ning smooth and efficient for years to come. Amann USA also offers bobbins in several styles and sizes in addition to a variety of bobbin cases.

Whether you're looking for a special spring loaded trimmer or just need a replenishment of bobbins, Amann USA has what you need.