Quick Reference

General Purpose -
Good for all around cutting and trimming.

Fine Trimmer -
Designed for close in, precise trimming.

Nipper -
Used for quick, less precise trimming.

"A" Bobbin -
Used in home stlye and smaller machines, about the size of a nickel.

"L" Bobbin -
Used in commercial machines, about the size of a nickel.

"M" Bobbin -
Used in commercial machines, about the size of a quarter.

Accessories Product Listing

General Purpose
A. 5" Tailors Pointed Scissors: Sharp points; one blade
with knife edge; double plated.
B. 4" Curved Long Blade Scissors: Sharp points; finely
curved blades; double plated.
F. 8" Serrated Bent Trimmer: Serrated edge; sharp
points; one blade serrated.
O. 8" Cushion Grip Scissors: Serrated edge; blunt points; right and left handed use; plastic handle with cushion grips.
Fine Trimmers
C. 3.5" Cuticle Tower Point Scissors: Extra narrow curved
blades; fine points; double plated.
P. 4" Micro Tip:  Large ring scissors; straight blade; with micro tip.
Q. 4.5" EZ Snips:  micro serrated blades; fine point.
H. 3.5" Fine Curved Blade: Extra fine points; perfect for tight stitches.
J. 6" Bent Handle Scissor: Curved blades; bent handle;
double plated.
K. 4" Bent Handle Scissor: Curved blades; bent handle;
double plated.
Thread Nippers
E. Gingher Thread Nippers: Very sharp; fine tipped
blades; black plastic case with safety cover.
I. Zenith Nipper: Plastic handle with a finger grip; sharp
blades for general trimming.
L. Peggy's Stitch Eraser: 110 volt thread nipper.
M. Replacement blade: Fits Peggy's Stitch Eraser.
Pre-wound Bobbins (polyester- 144 per gross)
Style & Size Qty. Description
LV-15W/132yd. Any White Coats Price Info.
NEBLW/132yd. Any White
MAGLW/132yd. Any White (magnetic core)
SSCLW/132yd. Any White
BOBLW/132yd. Any White
LV-15B/132yd. Any Black
NEBLB/132yd. Any Black
L120/114yd. Any White (spun poly)
Style & Size Qty. Description
MV-15/235yd. Any White
MV-15B/235yd. Any Black
SSCMW/235yd. Any White
MAGMW/235yd. Any White.
MTRI/207yd. Any White (spun poly)
For use with home type embroidery machines.
Style & Size Qty. Description
A/124yd. Any White (spun poly)
Saba (poly bobbin thread)
Style & Size Qty. Description
5,000m cone Any White
Miscellaneous Items
Tempo Spray Adhesive 17oz.
DK5 Spray Cleaner for adhesive removal 17 oz
LB5 Spray Lubricant 10 oz
Bobbin case (most machine heads) style "L"
Spring Bobbin case style "L"
Spring Bobbin case style "M"
Fabric Markers - Perfect for touching up visible bobbin thread. Available in 22 bobbin hiding colors.
*PLEASE NOTE:Always pre-test on material before use. These markers are intended for small area bobbin thread touch up only. Not for use on large areas of embroidery. Use caution when applying to light colored fabrics. Amann USA assumes no responsibility for the misuse of this product.
Fabric Marker Kit - Complete set of 22 colors.
Canned Air - 10 oz; non flammable; high pressure.
Fray Check .75 fl oz
Plastic Oiler - 1oz. bottle (oil sold seperately)
Machine Oil - White machine oil, 1qt.
Oiler Kit - Contains 2 oilers, 1qt. of oil and funnel.
Prices are subject to change without notice.  Call your sales representative for current pricing.