3D Embroidery Guide

Design Evaluation.

There are just a few boundaries to keep in mind when evaluating a design for 3-D foam. First, the type of garment or finished product you're working with. Stay away from unstable fabrics such as pique. The more stable the fabric the better the results will be. Foam can be used successfully on denim, sweatshirts, jackets and caps, as well as aprons, bags and any other similar stable surface. Secondly, the portion of the design that will take on the3-D effect must be the last, or only section to be sewn. Asyou will be laying down an opaque piece of foam overthe design, so all flat sewing must be completed before-hand. The needle penetrations perforate the foam andallow for the excess to be pulled away upon completionof sewing. By placing a stop command after the last sectionof flat embroidery is completed, the machine operator isable to position the foam and then begin the final sewing.

In addition to being the final, or only section to sew, the segment of the design that will take on the raisedappearance must be hefty enough to allow the foam towork its magic