3D Embroidery Guide

Tips for the Basics - Quick Reference

This tutorial is designed to help answer any question you might have in regards to using 3-D foam.

Excessive Zig-Zag.
Avoid excessive zig-zag underlay -Designs should have a double edgewalk underlay.

Not too thick.
Keep foam thickness around 3/16" to 1/4" for best results.

Needle Selection.
A ball point needle leaves a slightly larger hole than a sharp point, perforating the foam cleanly. A sharp point works nearly as well, but the bottom line is to use a needle that is best suited to the garment.

Relax Tensions.
Relax the tensions so as not to overly compress the foam material.

Keep it Simple.
Simplify shapes whenever possible to keep elements more rounded, rather than sharp, and keep columns as wide as possible.

Keyboard Lettering.
Note: Keyboard lettering can be used with 3-D foam. However, you may have to edit certain letters where sections join to eliminate gaps.